Craft a brand story that sets you apart

Find the electrifying message that gets your team out of bed in the morning. And your customers talking about you. 

Work with a Melbourne copywriter and brand strategist with a difference. 


Distil your message
Make it Potent

You’ve heard it a million times, we live in a world that’s noisy and crowded. We scroll endlessly on social media but don’t remember what we’ve read, never mind who said it.

It’s time to break the script. 


It’s time to tell a fresh story.


It’s time to tell your story. 

Brand storytelling is how you can stand out in a world full of carbon copies. 


So when the right opportunity opens up, it’s your name that springs to mind. 


When you connect using stories you create more awareness, get more leads and build long-lasting relationships. 

OK. You’re in.

The problem is, it’s deceptively tricky to tell your own story.

You should be the expert in your business, after all, it is YOUR story.

But like a dentist doing their own dental work, it's really hard to get the right angle

(it might be painful, too). 

​Do you find yourself...

Stumbling over your words when you try to explain what you do?

Spending hours on content that doesn't resonate?

I know… 


You’re sick of investing without seeing results.


You don’t want your message to hit the wrong note.

You’re ready to move your business to the next level and you need to find the words to make it real.


It’s time to turn your chaotic thoughts into a cohesive strategy. 

Sara Tiefenbrun Brand Story Expert

That’s why I’ve created a range of options to help you nail your storyline

Brand Strategy

Are you making a fresh start or ready to take your business up a gear? I've got the package for you.

You'll walk away with strong brand foundations and ready-made copy.


So you can reach your target customers with a story that sticks. 


Get story-driven copy that hits bang on.

I plug all sorts of gaps in your business. Whether you need copy for your website, a blog, a course, or a sales page, I can help. 

So you can feel confident your message is going to hit the mark.   

"If you want a copywriter to really understand your business, what you want to achieve, and how you want to be portrayed, Sara will get you there."

Gemma Ostroburski, TalkShop Retail

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Brand Strategist Melbourne
Brand Voice Strategy

Making sure your ideas get heard

I offer a range of brand storytelling and copywriting services.


These are tailored to meet the needs of creatives, educators and innovators who want to make an impact.

Work with me if you’d like to

  • Discover stories that cut through the clutter to build meaningful relationships 

  • Launch new products and services that connect with the right people

  • Proudly tell your business backstory in a way that resonates with your customers

  • Have an action plan about what to share online that saves time, reduces overwhelm and drives engagement


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