Stand out with a story that rings true

Stand out with a story that rings true

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Meet Sara Tiefenbrun

Hi, I’m Sara. I love working with coaches, creators, and educators who believe in the power of a story. Your story is how you connect. When you find your unique message, you claim the territory you deserve.

I bring fifteen years of making documentaries, plus seven writing and strategising. Telling authentic, engaging, and persuasive stories is deep in my bones.

Your story is your strategy

Your story is your strategy

Choose a Story Harvest service so you can replace messy marketing with a cohesive brand strategy.


Brand strategy for ideas-led businesses entering a new market or planning a rebrand. Find the space only you can occupy and claim it.


Harvest your stories and plan what you share with the world. So you can show up with a brand that’s true to you and a story you can confidently own.


Your stories are how you stand out and become memorable. When you tell your story well, you earn your place in the mind of your prospects.

Strategic storytelling is the most powerful way to build a brand. A brand rooted in the truth of who you really are and how you change the lives of others.

Buried under your feet are your greatest unmined riches, the stories that support your business. Together, we’ll unearth them, shape them, and share them with impact.

If you’re wondering what mountain to claim as your own, Sara will give you clarity, articulate your difference, and simplify your message.

Steph Thornborrow, Marketing and Communications Manager, Newhaven College

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Stories build businesses

Articulate who you are and how you do business

Build relationships with your customers

Give you a consistent message and voice

Help you stand out in a crowded market

Bring your vision to life

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