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Sara Tiefenbrun Brand Storyteller

Stories build brands

I learned storytelling on a deadline at the BBC as a documentary director. It was a demanding, wonderful education in understanding the stories audiences want, and the stories audiences remember


After leaving television, I launched new brands, fixed broken ones, and helped clients grow. With powerful stories that they and their customers loved to tell.


Today, people call me when their story doesn't feel right anymore, or never did. 


When we’re finished, you’ll have a story that resonates. Together we’re going to find it, and write it.


Your story begins when you step into the unknown

Your story begins when you step off the path laid out for you.

In 2008, I travelled to Australia on a whim. My job at the BBC had recently ended. For years I'd poured my energy into understanding other people's storylines and had accidentally neglected my own. 

When I looked ahead at my future, I didn't like what I saw. I was nervous to leave behind the life I knew, but I knew if I didn't that I'd stay feeling stuck. 

So I found myself blinking into the summer sunlight, wondering that I was doing here. Something told me to keep going, that life had more in store for me. 


"Sara translates your business vision into words that capture the heart of your ethos.


The process she uses to extract a compelling brand story is insightful and fun!"

Rebecca Taylor

Personal Branding Photographer

Rebecca Taylor_Personal-Branding.jpg

Here's what your story can do for you

Know yourself, from the inside out. 

Your brand is so much more than a colour palette.

Your brand is an expression of your personality, your values and your experiences.

Your stories can illuminate all this and more. They're how people place you and remember you when it matters. 

When you know your story you can

  • Show up with more self-belief 

  • Know what to say on your next podcast

  • Be a guiding light so you know what's on brand

  • Assess whether or not an opportunity is a good fit 

  • Attract the right people 

When you work with me you’ll get all these:


A first-rate metal detector, I’ll help you scan your past to reveal the key stories you have to tell.


My superpower is to distil a story down to its essence. I help you find your unique value. 


I’ll be your cheerleader and champion helping you to see the value you bring to others.


Identify areas of opportunity where you can amplify your message to be more distinctive in the marketplace. 

Joining the dots ...

At high school, an English teacher drafted me onto the school debating team. I learned to deconstruct arguments and win an audience with emotion.


I must have been very persuasive because I don't think my hairstyle was the reason I won the Scottish Schools Debating Championship. 

As geeky as it sounds, debating is when I first learned to craft a story and win an audience with empathy and persuasion. 


And I’m still here more than twenty later, telling stories that connect and inspire action.

Creative copywriter for brands and small businesses - Sara Tiefenbrun
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