I help good people with great ideas get heard. 

Hi there, I’m Sara.

I support the awkward people who refuse to conform to the status quo. 


People who want to move things forwards. 


People willing to stick their neck out for what they believe in. 

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Mission to demystify

Everyone talks about how powerful storytelling can be.


But hardly anyone shows you HOW to use it in your marketing. 


A former journalist, I moved to marketing later in my career. And I’ve held on to my outsider perspective. I’m sceptical about marketing jargon and the latest fads. I’m always interrogating what works, why it works and how to apply it. 


And I’m on a mission to demystify brand storytelling, to make it practical and doable for you. I’ll give you advice that’s relevant to your goals, audiences and platforms.

Clarity brings courage

When you communicate with clarity, you make it easy to be heard and remembered. 


And the opposite is also true. 


When you can’t easily explain your business and values, you lose your audience. Put simply, if you confuse, you lose. That’s where I step in. 


With fifteen years’ experience directing TV documentaries and six in marketing, I know how to extract your story and deliver it for your target audience. 

From imposter to contender 

Starting in a new country. Beginning a new career. Launching a new business.

These are all leaps I’ve taken.


Each time I started again from scratch. 

  • From documentary filmmaker to marketer

  • From Glasgow to London to Melbourne 

  • Becoming a parent far from where I grew up

  • From freelancer to business owner

These changes weren’t easy, they each took a toll. What saved me was anchoring to my story. I could see the potential storylines every time I began again. 


I knew the thread that held everything together. And for me, that's the drive to tell stories that inspire meaningful connection. 

When you work with me you’ll get all these:


You might think you have no stories worth telling.

But like a first rate metal detector, I’ll help you scan your past to reveal the key stories you have to tell.


My superpower is to distil a story down to its essence.

Whether it's your unique value proposition, your about page or your brand story, I help you find your message.


It’s easy to get lost in your own story. It’s hard to see things clearly when you’re too close up.


I’ll be your cheerleader and champion helping you to see the value you bring to others.


When I was born, my father named a loudspeaker after me. Yep I’ve always had a reputation for making noise.


But I believe a clear message matters most. There’s no use amplifying a garbled signal.

Something just for you...

At high school, an English teacher drafted me on to the school debating team. I learned to deconstruct arguments and win an audience with emotion.


I must have been very persuasive because I don't think my hairstyle was the reason I won the Scottish Schools Debating Championship. 

As geeky as it sounds, debating is where I first learned to craft a story and win an audience with empathy and persuasion. 


That’s my through-line. And that’s why I’m still here more than twenty later, telling stories that connect and inspire action.

I pay my respects to the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional custodians of the land on which I am proud to live and work. I pay my respects to the Elders past, present and emerging. 

© 2021 Sara Tiefenbrun