Your story lies in the transformation you offer your customers. Let’s dig into your reasons for being in business and the difference you make. And find the space only you can own.

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Sara Tiefenbrun – Story Harvester


I love working with coaches and creative agencies, schools and start-ups. Businesses that pride themselves on sparking transformation. People like you.

I’m on a mission to empower you to tell your own stories well. By digging up details and joining the dots, I reveal connections you may have taken for granted.

You’ll discover what’s unique about your offering, and how it can drive your strategy.

Values that drive me


Creativity means thinking differently. For me, every project is a blank page. We look for fresh ways to connect with your audience. Ways aligned specifically with your brand. There are no templates in sight.


Stories are how you resonate and build relationships. So when the opportunity comes up, it’s your name that springs to mind. You can throw money at SEO, or paid ads, but when you build genuine connections, others do the talking for you.


I believe people have a sixth sense for fakery. That’s why your brand strategy should be rooted in the truth of who you are, and the service you provide. Your brand has to come from the inside out.

Brand story consultant


I learned to tell stories on a deadline, making documentaries at the BBC in London. It was a demanding education learning the stories audiences want. And the stories audiences remember. Directing took me everywhere, from Jamaica to Jerusalem. I filmed with the great and the unknown.

After a decade of telling other people’s stories, I realised I had neglected my own.

In 2009, burnt out, I travelled to Australia for a break. My trip grew into a permanent move. It turned out to be the first of several reinventions. Becoming an Australian. Becoming a mother. Starting a business. Each one taught me new things. Most of all, about myself.

These days I’ve found my fit, offering story strategy, brand voice, and content marketing, to help creative and educational businesses make more impact.

A couple of highlights

In 2012, I won an Australian ASTRA award for Best Documentary as a writer and director on ‘Australia’s Greatest Flood’ for National Geographic. This doco was made in the aftermath of the 2011 Queensland floods, using smartphone footage and interviews after the event.

sara with debating trophyBack in the 90s, my English teacher Mr. Symington drafted me onto the debating team. He saw something in me, my ability to deconstruct arguments and win an audience with storytelling. Thanks to his encouragement, I became the 1995 Scottish Schools Debating Champion.

Back then, I thought I was bringing street cred to debating. Looking at this photo now, I’m not so sure.

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If you want a strategist who really understands you, and what you are selling, to extract from you what you want the business to achieve and how you want to be portrayed, Sara will get you there.

Gemma Ostroburski, TalkShop Retail

What can your story do?

Your brand is more than a colour palette or logo. It’s an expression of your reputation, personality, values, voice, skills, and experience. Your stories illuminate all this.

Stories are the most powerful way to articulate what makes you different. They’re how people place you and remember you when it matters.

When you know your story you can:

  • Stop wondering what’s on brand
  • Know what to say on each channel
  • Show up with more self-belief
  • Stand apart in a crowded field
  • Attract the right people

Get a clear brand story

Let’s talk about how brand storytelling can help your business.