Melissa Payne, a Brand Voice and Quiz Strategist, had a vibrant business with an impressive client list. She was also great at telling stories. And yet, she felt like there was something missing.

She wanted to continue to attract bigger clients and for her brand to feel more lived-in and mature. How could she get there?

We worked together to dig into Melissa’s stories in a series of deep interviews. This process reflected her innate brilliance back to her and allowed her to draw together her achievements into a strategic story.

Melissa and Storyscout now had one core message and seven foundational stories to support her brand. She also had personalised prompts to help her continue to generate brand-aligned content.

Watch the video to hear about Melissa’s experience.

I highly recommend working with Sara on a Story Harvest.

She helped me unearth connections in my brand and stories that I hadn’t realised existed.

She defined the amorphous ideas I hadn’t been able to grasp and now I feel very solid and aligned in my positioning.

I’m excited to show up in public and on podcasts knowing which personal stories I can draw on.

Melissa Payne | Brand Voice and Quiz Strategist