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Deepwell: How creative women reset, refresh and carry on.

How did they do it?

I was curious about creative female entrepreneurs and how they dealt with challenges.   


What inspired them to carry on?


This book is the result of asking that question. 


It began as a digital project but once it went live people asked if they could buy a copy. They wanted to give it to a friend. To share a drop of inspiration.


Now here it is. 

There’s wisdom all around. Don’t be afraid to ask. 

What is Deepwell?

At some point, every creative gets stuck. This book helps you pick yourself up and give it one more go when you think that you're done.


When you flick through the pages, you’ll find refreshing ideas from fifty female creatives, including copywriters, artists, coaches, filmmakers and granola bakers. The contributors come from across Australia, the States, the UK and Kuwait. 


Each entry is less than 150 words long, so it’s a quick pick-me-up to help you on your way.

Copy of Deepwell cover final  (edited-Pi

During the darkness of the pandemic there was a crack of light. 


The women I knew, who were running their own businesses, just kept going. 


Why Deepwell?


The name ‘Deepwell’ reflects the idea that the people around us offer us a wellspring of ideas. It’s also the translation of my surname.


Tiefenbrun is an ancient Germanic name given to families who lived near a deep well.


The quotes in this book offer prompts to quench your thirst. To help you feel less alone. 


See what resonates and where it takes you. 

Get your hands on a silky smooth copy


Order a copy for yourself, or as a gift for a friend (or maybe both). It feels lovely to flick through.


Each book costs $24.00


Postage Fees

Within Australia - $6.50

(If you’re within 10km of Caulfield I’ll drop one to you)

For overseas orders email me and we can work it out.


US A$25.00 postage per copy 

UK A$30.00 postage per copy

Or download an ebook instead

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