When I started my business at the end of 2019, I only had a vague idea of what I was doing.

I reached out to other women who started creative businesses for support. They didn’t see me as a competitor. Instead, they believed in me and held out a hand to pull me up.

DeepwellSome people who gave me encouragement are friends I’ve known for decades. Others are people I only met online during the pandemic. This book exists to acknowledge and thank them. It’s also designed to inspire you.

These women showed me what’s possible. Even during a pandemic.

Not so long ago, I sat on the sidelines. I watched women running businesses and thought of the reasons I wouldn’t succeed if I tried. But then, instead of making unhelpful comparisons, I became curious. What is it about these women and their work that I admire and want for myself? How can I make that happen? Those questions helped me begin.

The name ‘Deepwell’ reflects the idea that the people around us offer a wellspring of ideas. It’s also the translation of my surname.

The quotes in this book offer advice and ideas to quench your thirst. To help you feel less alone. See what resonates and where it takes you.

There’s wisdom all around. Don’t be afraid to ask. And if you enjoy it, follow along on Instagram

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