A Story Harvest Workshop Case Study

Visibility Co work with senior leaders. Many of them struggle to tell stories that support behaviour change. Instead they revert to sharing technical information.

Storytelling is the best way for leaders to get buy-in and influence. Leaders can be uncomfortable telling stories from their own point of view.

Visibility Co asked Sara to host a workshop for their team. It was the perfect way to try out the approach before sharing it with leadership clients.

A former BBC documentary maker, Sara knows how to tell stories that move hearts and minds, and whole societies.

During the workshop, Sara demonstrated the power of storytelling by telling stories herself. Participants could feel their own engagement, which inspired them to give it a go.

The workshop allowed space to explore different stories and refine ideas. It was a safe and supportive environment. People shared according to their level of comfort with the process. 

They followed a process (the SCARR model) that allowed them to uncover the deeper meaning within their own stories.

Visibility Co Co-founder, Julia May recalls the experience,

“Sara has a lovely mix of warmth and encouragement and technical expertise. You know you’re in safe hands and can trust she’ll help you craft a powerful story for sharing.”

“During the workshop I had a huge ‘a-ha’ moment when I saw a moment in my past with fresh eyes. I tapped into a turning point and it shone a light on the work that I do today and why it matters to me. That blew me away. As a former journalist, I thought I knew my stories, but the workshop brought new insight.”

“I shared the story I developed in the workshop on Linkedin and the impact was immediate. I had some of the highest engagement of any social post I’ve shared. The important thing was it landed with the people who I wanted to reach – purposeful senior leaders from a range of industries. People mentioned the story when meeting me in person, even if they didn’t engage online. 

I’ve also shared that story in keynotes and workshops – to spontaneous applause each time. People comment that it’s refreshing to hear an authentic story. They can immediately connect at a deeper level and feel more trust with me.”

When we tell a true story, our audience experiences our story as if it was their own. Their emotions mirror our emotions and they feel bonded to us. That’s why a strategically told story can make so much impact.

Jules sums up her experience:

“Storytelling is a critical, but underestimated skill. It engages and builds trust faster than other communication. The art is knowing how to identify and tell a great story. Most people can’t (or won’t) do it. Sara is a master at helping others harvest their stories and build the courage to share them. No one is more thrilled than Sara is when these stories land, and make the impact they do. I highly recommend a workshop with Sara for your team.”

Read Julia’s LinkedIn post that leverages the work we did together, here.