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My Approach

I work with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses to produce copy and content for their marketing materials. I specialise in creating memorable stories that will become the bedrock of your business.

This is my regular process for working with clients. 

Step 1: We agree on the scope

I charge a set fee for a job, and to do this, we need to agree definite scope of work before I start, so I’ll probably ask you a few questions.

I’ll send you a brief to complete before I start your freelance copywriting project that asks:

  • What content are we creating?

  • How many copy pages are needed?

  • What type of pages are they? (Home, Services, About us, etc.)?

  • How much content have you prepared yourself?

  • Do you have an idea about length, or are you happy to go with my recommendation?

My briefing process takes 20-30 minutes. I ask a lot of questions so I can make my proposal as accurate as possible. I like to do this on zoom so I can take notes easily. On occasion, we can meet in person depending on your location. At this stage the job isn’t confirmed yet, so I can’t review and respond to all your existing written content. 

Step 2: Proposal

Depending on the size of the project I’ll send you a quotation or proposal outlining the details of the job with comprehensive pricing that includes rounds of amends, meetings and any incidentals. 

Step 3: 50% payment is due upfront

I charge 50% up front. This is non-negotiable. If the project value is below $800 I charge 100% up front. This is standard for professional copywriters. 

Step 4: Timings

I’m often booked up a month in advance, so the sooner you  brief me, sign off on my proposal and send the first 50% the better! I can, of course, squeeze in small jobs here and there. I will do my very best to meet your deadlines.

Once I provide you with a delivery date, I stick to it. Turnaround times will vary depending on the amount of material you supply, your approval times, and the amount of material I’m producing, but don’t worry, having spent many years working on TV productions, I’ve learnt to deliver quickly.

Step 5: Briefing

The briefing stage is very important. I like to take at least an hour for this to learn as much as I can. I will also create a Google drive folder where you can upload materials.

  • The target audience for your content - their needs, wants and fears

  • Marketing objectives

  • Your brand’s personality

  • And we discuss your feelings and wants for the project

  • Images, branding or photos. (As a former documentary filmmaker, I know how important visuals are in storytelling). 

In order to get started on your project, I will need to have all of the following: 

  • Signed proposal or quote.

  • Your 50% up-front payment.

  • Any background material or assets.

Step 6: Getting started

Now I'm ready to start writing your copy or content.

I use the following formats and supply everything to you by email.

  • Copywriting - Google docs (or Microsoft Word if preferred)

  • Recordings of Content Coaching provided as a link to a Zoom recording in the cloud. 

Step 7: Drafts & amends

For copywriting/ brand story jobs, I'll generally do three versions (first draft, second draft, final draft) which give you two rounds of amends. For content heavy jobs, the first version may be a skeleton draft to agree the points we need to make. Additional rounds will be charged at an hourly rate. All this is outlined in your proposal. For content strategies, I do one round of amends following your feedback. 

I prefer to use track changes for comments and amends. I usually work in Google Docs, though I can also supply in Microsoft Word if preferred. Please let me know if you are not familiar with track changes. 


I usually do research/ briefing consults via zoom rather than in person. 


If you're someone who wants to go through each stage face to face, please let me know at the outset so I can build that into costs. Meeting will be charged at an hourly rate with travel time on top. 

Step 8: Your review

At the outset, we’ll agree how long you’re going to need to review and sign off the materials I supply. You should earmark some time to review the copy, which can take a considerable amount of time and work. 

You’ll need to  go through the documents line by line to make sure they meet the brief. The more effort we both put in the better the end product will be.

Step 9: Final payment

I will invoice you the final amount after project completion, or within two weeks of delivery of the first draft, whichever happens first. My payment terms are seven days. 

Step 10: Satisfaction guaranteed

I want you to walk away happy at the end of the project. Not only will you have the copy and content you need for your site, you should also have more confidence in telling your business story.

I ask all clients for feedback to improve my processes and testimonials for my site. Testimonials are a great way to convert new customers (and also a service I can offer for your business!). 


Let's Work Together

Please email me any questions you have about the process outlined above. Or book a time to get started. 

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