A content creator in changing times

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

The last decade has seen seismic shifts in the broadcasting industry, in the workforce at large and for me personally.

Like many other journalists and documentary producers I've been trying to work out where I fit in.

My background was in documentaries - 10 years at the BBC in London then working on various projects in Melbourne. After 15 years in broadcasting, I took a leap into startup life, first as the launch director of The School of Life in Melbourne, then as content producer at myDNA.

In each role in each industry I was was driven by the desire to transform knowledge into accessible engaging content.

My time at myDNA in the more commercial space brought me up to speed with marketing techniques and gave me an understanding of the customer journey. I loved gathering customer insight and driving improvements. But at times I wondered if I was in the right place. Many times I said - 'I hope everything will come back together at some stage.' By this I meant that I hoped that the seemingly disparate threads of my career would weave back into something meaningful.

Brene Brown says 'Nothing is wasted'. She means that we learn something from all of our experiences, which helps to guide us towards the best path.

This year, my contract at myDNA ended, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour and with one child at primary school I felt I needed more flexibility.

As my circumstances changed, my priorities became clearer.

I've always had a voice inside me whispering to me that I should build my own thing. Now I'm ready to launch myself as a communications consultant, copywriter and content creator.

So here I am, offering my services to good people with interesting stories to tell. I've already started with two fantastic clients at Survey Matters and Multicultural Museums Victoria. The future is looking bright.

Get in touch if I can help you.

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