Does your business story invite customers in?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

A story-driven approach to marketing delivers results for revenue and staff confidence.

Invite people in

A great story invites you in. You relate to the main character. You feel their experience as is it was our own.

Every time you hear a story you’re measuring what you hear against your own experience.

You listen and decide:

· Whether the story rings true

· What you can learn from it

If the story is truly successful, the listener will be changed as a result. That’s why stories have the power to alter our collective consciousness.

Using a storytelling framework we can see our business from the customer’s perspective.

Successful companies genuinely want to solve customers’ problems. They don’t only want to overcome objections to make a sale.

With a story-driven approach we unpick our customer’s challenges on a practical, emotional and philosophical level. We work out what information is most important to them.

Once we know what matters, it becomes clear which information goes on your homepage and what can be hidden in the so-called junk drawer.

In his dissertation, Dr J.J. Peterson measures the impact of a story-driven approach to marketing as used by the Donald Miller's #Storybrand team. He finds that the more a company adopts a storytelling approach, the greater the success, both in terms of revenue and internal staff confidence.

The principles of good storytelling help companies connect more deeply with customers. The important part is working out how that applies to your business channels, customers and products.

I can share these principles with you. together we can workshop how they can deliver measurable benefits for your company.

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