Deepwell: How creative women reset, refresh, and carry on

Deepwell: How creative women reset, refresh, and carry on


Rediscover your creative spark thanks to 50 pieces of bitesize advice from female creative entrepreneurs.

Edited by Sara Tiefenbrun

Released in January 2021, 50 entries,
A4 Softcover, 111 Pages



Deepwell: The Book

At some point, every creative gets stuck. This book will give you the nudge you need to give it one more try.

Perfect as a present for a loved one, or for yourself. Each page contains a piece of distilled wisdom from a female creative entrepreneur.

The contributors come from across Australia, the UK, the States, and Kuwait. They’re copywriters, artists, coaches, filmmakers and granola bakers.

This book will prompt you with new ideas and make you contemplate your own networks, near and far.

The Collaborators

I created this book during the lengthy lockdowns of 2020. The idea was to try to understand what motivated creatives and entrepreneurs to keep going in challenging circumstances, and to inspire anyone starting out.

There are 50 contributors to this book including some brilliant coaches, strategists, authors, and visionaries.

There’s wisdom all around. Find out what these women have to say.

Rebecca Hopkins, Dina Kluska, Anna Lensky, Terri King, Ginger Davis Allman, Julia May, Sarah Anderson, Emma Hyman, Ali Strachan, Sarah Hosking, Megan Davis, Lauretta Zilles, Susan Ordway, Laura Brennan, Gloria Eid, Kate Merryweather, Annie Reid, Krysia Derecki, Fiona Wright, Vicky Hamburger, Daniella Friedman, Sara Tiefenbrun, Savitha Enner, Nicole Colter, Dottie Leatherwood, Lisa Degen, Dalit Kaplan, Jennifer Smith, Karen Engelmann, Jan Risher, Josephine Burton, Danielle Certo, Victoria Hefty, Katie Russo, Vikki Maver, Tanya Abdul Jalil, Katrina Kelly, Susannah Price, Naomi Tarszisz, Jess Sanders, Rebecca Norman, Kim Banks, Sarah Sultoon, Neha Swaminathan, Hollie Barac, Elise Bailylew, Marie Nadal Sharma, Elise Esther Hearst, Kate Toon, Erin Chonko.


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