Create a brand that’s true to you

Create a brand that’s true to you

When you run a business, you get pulled in all directions. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important. That’s why I’ve developed a story-driven approach to brand strategy to support you to stay on track.

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If you’re looking at other brands for inspiration, you’re looking in the wrong place. The key to understanding your unique difference is to dig deeper and examine what’s right underneath your feet.

Your greatest assets are your stories. Use them to build a solid brand that creates clarity, alignment and consistency.


Take time to stop, mine, and review your core stories. Let’s look at your past and who you’re becoming.

We’ll find your core message, one that gets you fired up and sticks in the mind of your prospects. Then we work on the stories you share with the world. So you can show up with a brand that’s true to you.

Additional Services

Brand Voice Development

I have a proven method for establishing your brand voice and using brand voice as a tool to position your brand. I create detailed and practical voice style guides and provide tools to train your team to write in your brand voice.

Case Studies & Interviews

Create powerful case studies to promote your core offering. I conduct interviews that reveal deeper insights, improve alignment and help you reach your goals.

Brand Story Workshops

Customised workshops to help you articulate your point of difference. Or to generate ideas for branded content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy

Get tailored content strategies aligned with your brand, covering social media content creation and more.


Copywriting services include website copywriting, LinkedIn ghostwriting, email nurture sequences, brochures and more. I bring rigorous questioning and story-thinking to every piece of work.

Sara worked with us to take our brand to the next level. I wanted someone to bounce ideas off and who would challenge me. I didn’t need someone to find all the answers for me. Sara’s knowledgeable, analytical and conceptual, she’s someone I could go deep with.

Yaron Kanor, CEO, Studio Y.

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