Make a dent

Tell your stories with intent

Make a dent

Tell your stories with intent

Your message is your brand

Your greatest stories are right underneath your feet. Are you using them to their full potential?

Your customers, staff, and network tell stories about you. What if you could harness the best of those messages and shape them into messages aligned with your vision?

storytelling service for corporates

Who is Story Harvest for?

The Story Harvest is designed for service businesses who transform the lives of their customers for the better.

A Story Harvest is a unique methodology blending brand strategy and journalistic digging to create a story-led strategy. My background as a television journalist means I’m able to quickly understand new businesses and industries.

When we’re finished, your new messaging will make it easier to onboard new hires and to build a brand and culture that aligns with your vision.

7 signs you need a Story Harvest

  • 1
    You’re finding it hard to onboard new hires and explain the business
  • 2
    You can’t bear to look at your website because of how it’s cobbled together
  • 3
    You’re looking at others in your industry and trying to copy the bits you like about them
  • 4
    You don’t know how you should show up on different platforms
  • 5
    You know you’re leaving money on the table by not harnessing your stories
  • 6
    You’re launching in a new market and your existing approach won’t stand up
  • 7
    You struggle to articulate what makes you different

Sara worked with us to take our brand to the next level. I wanted someone to bounce ideas off and who would challenge me. Sara’s knowledgeable, analytical and conceptual, she’s someone I could go deep with.

Yaron Kanor, CEO, Studio Y.

The Story Harvest Inclusions

A Story Harvest is a uniquely rich and enjoyable way to create your brand story. All projects include engaging brand story workshops with key stakeholders.

Internal messaging to build your strategy

Use story-driven research to unearth and articulate your brand. Combine this with competitor analysis, customer research, and personas, to build a robust strategy.

External messaging to achieve your strategy

Brand story work can include taglines, elevator pitch, brand voice, brand manifesto, testimonials, social media bios, about us copy, web or campaign copy.

How it works

These are the steps we’ll take to build your strategy.

Additional Services

Brand Voice Development

I have a proven method for establishing your brand voice and using brand voice as a tool to position your brand. I create detailed and practical voice style guides and provide tools to train your team to write in your brand voice.

Case Studies & Interviews

Create powerful case studies to promote your core offering. I conduct interviews to reveal deeper insights and help you reach your goals.

Brand Story Workshops

Customised workshops to help you articulate your point of difference. Or to generate ideas for branded content marketing.

Content Marketing Strategy

Get tailored content strategies aligned with your brand, covering social media content creation


Copywriting services include website copywriting, LinkedIn ghostwriting, email nurture sequences, brochures and more. I bring rigorous questioning and story-thinking to every piece of work.

Sara is creative, thoughtful and driven. Working with us to produce messaging strategies and content across campaigns, she rose to the challenge of the brief with enthusiasm, and the results were delivered beyond expectations. We look forward to working with her again.

Terri King, Pitch Projects

I’ve written stories for

Finally we have a brand voice that reflects who we really are. Sara has a rare combination of skills, and we’ve learned so much from working with her.

Sushma Gurung, Marketing Director, Melbourne Institute of Technology

Sara gets the ideas out of my head and into the world, with impact. She makes things possible when they feel impossible.

Kylie Lewis, Of Kin, Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator & Climate Reality Leader

You might be wondering:

The process involves Zoom (or face-to-face, if practical) workshops involving key stakeholders in your business and detailed customer interviews.

The deliverable is a words-only brand strategy. However I can help you bring your strategy to life in other ways, including video.

I partner with graphic designers who can help you with a visual rebrand or content creation.

Timing depends on the nature of each project and my availability. A full Story Harvest would likely take around eight weeks. Let’s start talking now.

What’s the value of being memorable? It’s hard to put a price on. I’m happy to talk you through successes I’ve had in campaigns with measurable results.

Yes, payments can be split over three or four months.

Sadly, no. If you’re in a hurry and want someone to write your website without doing the strategic story work first, I’m not the best person for the job. I’m most interested in giving you a story you can own, so it’s a longer process but more valuable in the long run.

Detangle your brand

Stories are everything. They illuminate your values. They show your potential. They share your vision.

Somewhere between the stories you tell and the ones others tell about you, lives your brand. Let’s close the gap with a story-driven brand strategy.

Make your story work for you

Projects are customised to your building and quoted on an individual basis.