Introducing the Story Harvest

Introducing the Story Harvest

Pinpoint your positioning and find your foundational stories with a Story Harvest, a one-of-a-kind discovery and brand-building process.


You’re ready to step into a version of yourself who owns your experience and says yes to scary things. To get found, attract better clients, and consistently earn more money. And you don’t want to become someone else to make that possible.

You want a brand that feels like you. I get it.

The first step is to find clarity.

We get clear on who you work with, how you solve their problems, and how you do it differently.

The Story Harvest service supports you to discover your overarching message and foundational stories, so you can stay focused and be memorable to your audience.

It’s for leadership coaches, consultants, and creatives who want to become more visible and grow their businesses with a powerful brand.

Sara’s able to take in a lot of information, a lifelong collection of memories, and distil it into a core message I can use across my business. Messaging that feels like me, only so much better. It’s helped me reach higher calibre clients because the messaging and the branding is strong and clear.

Annie Reid, Director, Atrium Media

Discover what a Story Harvest can do for you

Cut to the core

Get to the heart of your point of difference.

Completely customised

1:1 personalised workshopping of your brand.

A nurturing experience

Inspiring workshops and exercises.

Strategic messaging

Learn what messages to share where.

The Story Harvest Process

Learn to see, own, and share your value.

Together we harvest the moments that illustrate your skills and experience. This isn’t fuzzy storytelling to warm hearts around the campfire. This is intentional messaging to align with your business goals. Giving you a story you can confidently own that aligns with your customer’s desires.

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Your story doesn’t need to be epic. Just true.

Telling your own story is awkward. It’s like trying to cut your own hair.

Even as a seasoned storyteller with over 20 years of experience, I struggled to tell my own story. I told myself I wasn’t distinctive enough. I mean, I don’t have a tattoo, a hang-gliding hobby, or a quirky dog.

So I workshopped my story using every template I could lay my hands on, and I wrote many versions. But I still didn’t know what to lead with. Or how to keep it simple.

Eventually, I found a way to build my brand from the ground up, starting with the small stories. I mined them for the skills, values, and experiences they revealed. Then I looked at where my story intersected with that of my target audience, and I crafted my message out of that.

And so, through this process, I designed the service I wished had always existed.

Turn your chaotic thoughts into a cohesive brand story

Sara was able to extract insights and thoughts and put it together into a cohesive brand story that reflects me, my style and my vibe. Sara really has a creative spark. She was able to weave odd, disparate elements and stories into a cohesive message. She also pushed me out of my comfort zone, and in the end, it’s paying off for me.

Chris Coladonato, Connection Catalyst, Virtual Leadership Coach


Finally, there’s a nurturing way for you to build your brand out of the truth of who you really are. Pick the package to suit your stage.

Instant clarity

Workshop the value you offer your customers. Access my unique approach and get a strategic message on the spot.

1 x 75-minute strategy session


  • Story Harvest Questionnaire
  • Your unique value proposition
  • Video & transcript
  • Email support after the call


Define your difference

Find the thread that connects your stories to the work you do. Use your stories to show your skills, values, and personality.

3 x 75-minute strategy sessions


  • Story Harvest Questionnaire
  • Story Harvest Workbook with prompts for each session
  • Your unique value proposition
  • Your brand message

  • Why you exist
  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you do things
  • Origin story
  • About me
  • Social media bios
  • Video walkthrough of your deliverable
  • Email support after the call


Go to market

Create a powerful brand so you can show up knowing who you are, who you’re speaking to, and with the confidence to boot.

5 x 75-minute strategy sessions


Everything in the Define Your Difference package, PLUS:

  • Key messages
  • Foundational stories including origin, business, customer, challenge, and community stories
  • Target audience persona
  • Customer journey map
  • Brand voice outline
  • Brand archetype
  • How you look, feel, and sound
  • Media bio


  • Content pillars
  • Story action plan
  • Check in after two months


Note: Prices are in AUD and exclude GST. If you chose a lower package then decide to upgrade to a fuller package, you can receive a credit for the lower package price.

You can upgrade your Story Harvest to include the following copywriting deliverables:

Home page
Service descriptions
Media bio
Customer interviews
Edited customer testimonials
LinkedIn about section and bio
Service descriptions

Is a story Harvest right for you?

Who is this service for?

This is a holistic foundation for your brand, designed for coaches and consultants who want to get more visible and attract better-paying clients. It’s for people who are ready for a brand that inspires them to be all they can be.

Who is this service NOT for?

This service is not for business owners who want quick answers without putting in the work. Nor is it for anyone who treats customers as a way to make a quick buck or who likes to bamboozle them with technical details.

I’ve written stories for

I was looking for support to articulate my offering. Sara took me through a Story Harvest. She’s a natural explorer, she was able to get what I do on a deeper level and verbalise it in a way that would reach people. She created messages that capture what I’m about. I now have the foundations I need to launch.

Sharon Barak Kanor, Psychotherapist & Psychosomatic Therapist

I highly recommend working with Sara on a Story Harvest. She unearthed connections in my brand and stories that I hadn’t realised existed. She defined the amorphous ideas I hadn’t been able to grasp and now I feel very solid and aligned in my positioning. I’m excited to show up in public knowing which stories I can draw on.

Melissa Payne, Brand Voice & Quiz Strategist

Sara’s passionate, energised by what she does, and can cut through the noise to get to the heart of what you’re trying to say. She sees value in your stories and shows you exactly how and why they matter. What a relief!

Gloria Eid, Leadership Coach

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the purpose of this deliverable is to give you the elements you need to succeed, so I can tailor a package to your business needs.

Yes, payments can be staggered over three months on request.

Once we get started, most services take 4-6 weeks to deliver, depending on the package you choose. I will let you know about delivery times at the time of booking.

Ongoing 1:1 coaching is available after the Story Harvest, as needed. You can book an appointment here.

A brand that feels like you, only better

After a Story Harvest you’ll be able to:

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Attract higher calibre clients
  • Lean into your personality with a brand that feels more real
  • Make deeper, more authentic connections

Make your story work for you

Your story is how you stand out. A Story Harvest is how you get there.