My core brand beliefs

Where should you start when you’re thinking about building your brand?

When building a brand you might start first by thinking about image, photos, logos, colours. But strong brands begin with values and intentions. Your brand is your reputation. It’s the impression you make on others. Here’s a short list of some core brand beliefs that guide me in my work. They can help you think about where to start.

1. Stories show us we’re not alone

We live in a noisy world and we’re programmed to tune most of the noise out. Once in a while, a story feels so real, it gives us a gut punch. It shows us we’re not alone in this world. Those are the stories worth telling. 

2. It’s not size that counts. It’s authenticity

Most marketing feels fake. A minority of brands that stand out because they tell a powerful story. They have strong identities built on a strong belief system. They’re the ones who get noticed. It’s not a matter of size, it’s about authenticity, and you can be one of those brands. 

3. Stories can build better futures 

When we tell better stories, we build better futures. If we tell stories about being powerless, we become powerless. If we tell stories about making progress, we make progress. Take command of your story to shape the future you want to see.

4. Take risks 

Don’t live a dull life. Choose a vibrant life where you connect deeply with others. Laugh. Cry. Take on new challenges. It’s easy to become trapped by our own fear. Change is uncomfortable. Learn to trust your intuition. Each time you step out of your comfort zone, you get more bold. Each time you’ll see more benefits. 

5. Unlock your potential 

Your story is yours to write. You can actively shape your future through mining your past. When you’re able to describe who you are, what you’ve learned and what you want, it will lift you up.

6. Your story will attract your people  

You’re only on this planet once. Make your time matter. Use your stories to attract the right people so your work can have the most impact. 

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