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Strategic Storytelling 

My signature process: Cut to the core 

Cut to the core 

My signature service gets to the core of your story. Your reason for being. What you do and why you do it.


This one-month engagement builds an overarching narrative and relevant sub-stories to be the bedrock of your brand. 

Is it right for you?

You’re a good fit for this service if…


You’ve outgrown your current verbal brand identity. Time has moved on but your stories haven’t and it’s time to reassess. 


Or perhaps your brand has always felt only surface deep? You’re tired of wearing a mask and want to tell a story that reflects the real you, in all your weird and wonderful glory. 


What can your story do?


Your story is how you lodge yourself in the minds of the right people. It’s how you make an emotional connection. So when the right opportunity arises, it’s your name that springs to mind. 


Chris Chun Creative

I feel very confident now for the first time in what I'm doing and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without Sara.

Naomi Tarszisz RePlated

Naomi Tarszisz, RePlated Founder 

With Sara's help, I'm more able to tell my brand story and I've grown in confidence as a leader.

Carlotta Petti

Carlotta Petti, Personalised Nutrition Expert

Sara sharpened my ideas, amplified my personal brand and grew my network. I highly recommend you work with her. 

The Process 

How it works: 


Like getting new clothes tailored to you, writing your brand story takes several steps to get just right. This service is a one-month engagement and includes three face-to-face (zoom) meetings, including one where the concept is presented to you and refined

Questionnaire: This in-depth survey covers many important elements about your background and your business. It covers the key milestones in your life and gives me clues as to where the gold is buried.


In-depth digging: I review your questionnaire and additional branding and storytelling material you share with me. I study your social media and your website and get a feel for you. 


Call 1: We deep dive into key stories on your timeline. What challenges did you face and how have you overcome them? (90 mins)


Call 2: We looking at your story from the perspective of those you help. What does it feel like to walk in their shoes? (90 mins)


Call 3: Your brand story concept is presented to you and refined to make sure it fits like a glove (60 mins)


What you’ll get: 


  1. One key overarching narrative to act as your guiding light and attract the right opportunities. This includes a statement about your uniqueness and a narrative to support that story arc. 

  2. A range of sub-stories you can deploy to build your brand

  3. Taglines and social media bios 

  4. The all-important clarity and confidence to own your narrative 

Once you know your story you'll be able to: 

  • Use your storyline to guide your strategic direction 

  • Attract the right people 

  • Assess whether or not an opportunity is a good fit 

  • Know what to say on your next podcast

  • Stand out distinctively in a crowded market 

  • Show up with more self-belief

Why work with me? 

I spent a decade working in documentaries at the BBC honing other people’s storylines. But I neglected my own. 


In 2008, I travelled on a whim from London to Melbourne. I let myself feel what it was like to begin again. It was equal parts exhilarating and nerve-racking. Fourteen years later, I’m still here, with a family and a new career in brand storytelling. 

Each time I’ve taken a step into the unknown I’ve wrestled with self-doubt. Each transition has been slow and painful. What saved me was anchoring to my story.


For the last few years, I’ve tried every tool possible to tell my own brand story. Even though I can distil the through-line for others, I found it hard to do it for myself. Now I've developed a high-touch process I'm confident will work for you. 


No matter how great a communicator you are - and I bet you’re a great one - you need someone else to help you see yourself clearly. That’s what I’m here to do, to give you the words to tell your story and, more importantly, the courage to own it.

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