Atrium Media

When Atrium Media grew into bigger projects across new industries, founder Annie Reid decided it was time to rebrand.

Atrium Media focuses on design, architecture, and mental health topics. Annie approached me to help her articulate her point of difference.

atrium media

The Challenge

Annie wanted to unify the different parts of the business with one message. She was keen to write the site herself but get a fresh perspective.

The Results

The business has rolled this out across its website and pitching documents. Annie reports that her new tagline is attracting a higher calibre of clients, who come to her already knowing her value.

Story Harvest Breakdown

We organised a brand story workshop and looked at the brand through her clients’ eyes. From there we developed a key message about ‘Uncovering what’s hidden and sharing it respectfully with the world’.

Sara has a laser-sharp ability to cut through existing content and jazz it up with a fresh perspective that feels like you but is so much better. A super skill – and my brand is all the better for it.

Annie Reid, Director, Atrium Media

Stories build businesses

Your story is how you stand out. A Story Harvest is how you get there.