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When Atrium Media grew into bigger projects across new industries, founder Annie Reid decided it was time to rebrand.

Atrium Media focuses on design, architecture, and mental health topics. Annie approached me to help her articulate her point of difference.

atrium media

The Challenge

As a copywriter, Annie Reid has never been lost for words, but her brand wasn’t something she’d invested in. 

In 2021, she felt her website was flat and superficial. It didn’t convey who she was and what the business was about. When she decided to revamp her branding and build a new website, it felt like an ideal time to uplevel her brand story too. 

Her business, Atrium Media, had grown beyond design topics to cover mental health. She wanted to create messaging that would bring unity to these different topics.

Annie explains, “Looking back, I didn’t realise how much my messaging could change the way I did business, but it seemed like a good way to elevate my brand.”

We worked together to look at the ‘why’ behind her work.

The process was harder than Annie expected.

She was thinking “How can I not know this? This is what I’ve been doing for years. I help others articulate what they do. How can I not articulate it for myself?”

We gathered information through a workshop and questionnaire and created this overarching brand message:

“Uncovering what’s hidden

And sharing it respectfully with the world.”

This highlights Annie’s sense of the privilege it is to tell the stories of homes and buildings as well as the care she brings to all her work.

The Results

Annie rolled this key message out across her website, social media, and pitch documents. Clear brand positioning helped Annie to grow her business. New clients arrived pre-qualified with a better understanding of her work. 

Annie explains, “Once you align all your brand elements, you can go out into the world with confidence.”

It has also created a touchstone that Annie can use to assess if a new project is a good fit. 

“Every project that comes up, I consider through the lens of my core message. Am I able to uncover what’s hidden? And if it doesn’t deliver that, I’m not gonna do it. So that’s a huge thing because it means I have purpose in the projects I take on.”

Story Harvest Breakdown

We organised a brand story workshop and looked at the brand through her clients’ eyes.

From there we developed a key message about ‘Uncovering what’s hidden and sharing it respectfully with the world’.

Annie rolled this out across touchpoints from her website to Instagram to the business capability statement.

Annie reflects: “Sara’s able to take in a lot of information, a lifelong collection of memories, and distil that into one phrase that a person can roll out across their business and change the way they work. And that is absolutely invaluable.”

Sara has a laser-sharp ability to cut through existing content and jazz it up with a fresh perspective that feels like you but is so much better. A super skill – and my brand is all the better for it.

Annie Reid, Director, Atrium Media

Stories build businesses

Your story is how you stand out. A Story Harvest is how you get there.