Localyser had launched in Dubai, offering a service that allowed restaurant chains to track and respond to online reviews. In Dubai, they were the first to market and had grown quickly.

Now the founder and CEO, Tarik, was planning to launch in North America, where the market was more competitive.

Localyser case study

The Challenge

When he began to recruit in North America, Tarik had to brief new hires on the company ethos and brand identity. Suddenly he was being asked questions and he didn’t have the answers, yet.

It was time for Localyser to invest in the verbal expression of the brand.

The Results

A consistent voice allowed Localyser to compete in a new market with more sophisticated demands.

The verbal brand document became an important part of onboarding new hires.

Story Harvest Breakdown

I worked with Tarik and his North American recruit to define and document the brand identity. Through market research and a series of workshops we identified a tone of voice for the brand. This drew on the warm Middle Eastern sense of hospitality and translated this into a North American style.

The new verbal brand strategy reduced time spent wondering how the brand should sound. This provided tools for writers to check their work against, to see that they were on track.

  • Verbal brand strategy
  • Tone of voice
  • Quick writing guide
  • Rubric for measuring voice
  • Homepage rewrite
  • Key messaging

The process of working with Sara was very smooth and logical. It gave us a consistent voice and identity we hadn’t been able to articulate before. Now we have a brand voice we’re proud of, and we use it to onboard newcomers to the business.

Tarik Qahawish, Founder & CEO, Localyser

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