Kylie Lewis is the principal at OF KIN. She offers leadership training teaching the work of Brené Brown and psychological safety.

Previously a digital marketer, Kylie is known for the high standard of her brand content. This includes regular email newsletters, blogs and books. 

Kylie Lewis was Sara's client

The Challenge

Kylie engaged me because she had so many ideas floating around her mind and not enough time to make them a reality. Her goal was to make an impact with quality work, re-engage loyal customers and build a pipeline to new and existing offerings.

Kylie and I worked flexibly for 18 months to create strategic content for OF KIN. 

Together we built a robust content ecosystem, which grew her audience and continues to re-engage her loyal customers. 

The Action

The work included: 

  • A content strategy and plan to roll out key content for her business stage by stage.
  • Ghostwriting monthly blogs for the Journal tailored to her services and values. 
  • Workshopping newsletters, drafting structures, testing email subject lines, proofreading, and holding co-working sessions.
  • Writing an email content series, ‘How to have tough conversations,’ to attract fresh leads through social media ads. Repurposing this into an ebook. 
  • Supporting Kylie in reworking a course into 52 x weekly emails for graduates of her program to help them embed the learnings. 
  • Additional content creation for Instagram. 
  • A Story Harvest: developing story-driven content for the anniversary of being in business for ten years. This is not yet published. 

The Results

  • As a result of this work, Kylie has a strong, evergreen content ecosystem supporting her business. 
  • This content has generated an increased number of leads coming from previous graduates and referrals.
  • Kylie’s content has consistently high levels of engagement, boosted by Sara’s work.
  • Kylie’s back in the flow of writing regularly for her business, which had dropped off before we started working together. 
  • Kylie is sharing more personal stories and anecdotes in her writing. 
  • Kylie promoted quality organic content with paid ads and saw a 45% increase in her subscriber base during this 18-month period. 

In one year:

Email open rates grew from an average of 27% to 40%, with Sara developing subject lines and content.

Email open rates for Dare to Lead graduates also grew by 10%.


Email Ghostwriting, Content Creation, Content Strategy

“Sara helps me get all the messy ideas that are flying around in my head out into the world with impact. Sara makes things possible when things feel impossible.”

Kylie Lewis, Founder OF KIN

Stories build businesses

Your story is how you stand out. A Story Harvest is how you get there.