Naomi Tarszisz is a bootstrapped CEO of an Australian company promoting the circular economy and reducing waste. RePlated creates reusable takeaway containers for meals, like a KeepCup for your lunch.

These containers are made in Australia from plastic pellets that would’ve otherwise been bound for the ocean.

replated case study

The Challenge

When we began working together, RePlated was relatively new and Naomi was struggling to separate her own identity and backstory from the identity of the brand. As the business grew, this separation became clearer.

The Results

When Naomi spoke about the business at events she could see what resonated. This gave an added sense of certainty that her founder story was impactful.

Noami was able to grow her team and brief them on the strategic story. RePlated went on to become B-corp certified and to win a Good Design and Sustainability Award.

The business has continued to evolve and its story is evolving too. Powerful brand storytelling helped RePlated find key advocates and investors.

Story Harvest Breakdown

We workshopped Naomi’s founder story and created a simple brand tone of voice and story strategy. The deliverables included:

  • Brand story
  • Founder story
  • Tone of voice
  • Content themes for social media

We worked with Sara on my founder story and to create a brand voice for RePlated. She’s a natural storyteller who is fantastic at pulling together ideas and distilling them, and getting others to do that for themselves.

The brand story work we did together still stands, and it’s something I can now embody. It helped me grow my confidence as a leader and has been impactful for the business.

Naomi Tarszisz, Founder & CEO, RePlated

Stories build businesses

Your story is how you stand out. A Story Harvest is how you get there.