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What others say

Brand Storytelling

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Sushma Gurung, Melbourne Institute of Technology


Sara developed a Brand Voice Guide that truly reflects who we are.

Sara’s a rare copywriter, a fantastic communicator who can manage large projects. Her copy helped us fill courses and we've learned so much from her. 

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Gemma Ostroburski, TalkShop Retail

If you want a copywriter to really understand you and your business, to articulate what you want to achieve and how you want to be portrayed, Sara will get you there. 

Anna Crabb_Headshot.jpg

Anna Crabb, Strategy Lead, B Lab

Working with Sara was very straightforward. Sara is a quick worker who’s capable of getting across a large volume of material and synthesising it into easy to understand language. Her understanding of video is a bonus. 

Brand Story Melbourne .jpg

Annie Reid, Director, Atrium Media

Sara has a laser-sharp ability to cut through existing content and jazz it up with a fresh perspective that feels like you but is so much better. A super skill and my brand is all the better for it.


Terri King, Pitch Projects

Sara is creative, thoughtful and driven. Working with us to produce content across various campaigns, she rose to the challenge of changes to the brief with enthusiasm, and delivered beyond expectations. We look forward to working with Sara again. 

John Petersen MMV CEO

John Petersen, CEO Multicultural Museums Victoria


Sara initiated communication strategies that drew our member museums together as a team and developed their capacities. She created original content that sparked engagement with our multicultural audiences.

Personal Branding

Naomi Tarszisz RePlated

Naomi Tarszisz, RePlated Founder 

I’d recommend Sara without hesitation! Sara’s intelligence, enthusiasm and knowledge make her great to work with. She's flexible and fun. Above all, with Sara's help, I'm more able to tell my brand story and I've grown in confidence as a leader.

Dr Onisha Patel.jpg

Onisha Patel, Superstar of STEM

Sara helped me rewrite my biography to appeal to a wider audience. She’s a good listener, very engaging and approachable. I’d definitely recommend Sara to someone else. 

Carlotta Petti

Carlotta Petti, Personalised Nutrition Expert

Before working with Sara I didn't have the time to make my ideas a reality. Sara sharpened my ideas, elaborated my concepts and created clearer messaging.


This amplified my personal brand and grew my network without adding to my workload. Sara's full of energy and positivity, I strongly recommend you work with her. 

Olivia Ward.jpg

Oliva Ward, OnWards Digital Marketing

Sara's a brilliant storyteller with a gift of getting directly to the heart of the matter. As a digital marketing consultant, she developed my "about" story for my website and helped me find the words to distinguish my work.


She's a warm, caring person and I highly recommend her communication services.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor, Personal Branding Photographer

What a star! Sara has a unique gift - bringing clarity to your brand message. She translates your business vision into words that capture the heart of your ethos and resonate with your target market. She brings storytelling skills based on years working in TV. The process she uses to extract a compelling brand story is insightful and fun!

Content Coaching


Chris Chun Creative

I found our session extremely useful. The values we identified have been incorporated into my brand story and social media strategy. I feel very confident now for the first time in what I'm doing and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without Sara.

Beck Hopkins.png

Rebecca Hopkins, Live Brave Workshops


Running my own consultancy can be lonely. Sara created a content plan for what I want to share with my target market. I walked away with an amazing list of ideas that made it easy for me to see what to do next and sparked more ideas.

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