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10 surprisingly simple questions to unearth your brand story 

Your founder story is a key part of your brand story. 

It's common to feel that your stories aren't as epic and share-worthy as other people's stories.

But we all have stories. From our past. From each and every day. 

When you start you to use your stories intentionally you can actively shape the impression you make. 

When you have no story, you have no strategy.  

A special offer for you...  Unearth Your Brand Story Program 

Would you like more support to workshop your brand story?


Find out where and how to share your brand story. 

I'm hosting group mentoring sessions on zoom starting Feb 2022, for five weeks. 

When you sign up you'll get 1 x 50-minute session with me to talk through the themes and ideas you've identified in the guide. And you'll get feedback on work developed during the mentoring period.

Followed by 5 x 1-hour group mentoring sessions with a group of others who are building their personal brand (limited places available. Meetings will take place on zoom)

Read more and book your place 

The sessions include:

- workshopping stories live

- where and how to use your stories; both online and in-person

- how to shape your stories for your audience

- examples of brand storytelling done well, including personal brands 

- the content pillars you need to support your brand story

Entry to the Facebook Group 'Unearth your brand story.'

Limited to 8 places. This is a one-time offer at $395.00 because it's the pilot program.

This price will go up substantially the next time the program is run. 

Sign up by Friday 24th September 2021.  1:1 intro coaching calls will begin after that date. 

Join and meet other solo operators working to hone their message. 

C'mon, let's do this

Sara Tiefenbrun Brand Story Expert
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